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Shoe Fabrics
The shoe fabrics are the high quality fabrics used to make the premium quality shoes. These fabrics are used in the manufacturing of string as well as comfortable shoes.
EVA Bags
EVA bags are also referred as ethylene vinyl acetate bags. These sacks are frequently used industrial applications. The primary use of the bags is to work as an efficient packing material.
Knitted Vortex Fabric
The knitted vortex fabric is a high-quality yarn, which is prepared using the advanced and modern technology. The fabric looks fashionable and stylish due to the yarn structure.
Hot Melt Adhesive Film
The hot-melt adhesive film is used for attaching the different components specifically the substrates and lids made from the materials like rubber, wood, leather, fabric, foam, etc.
Spandex Yarn
Spandex yarn is a kind of synthetic fiber which has incredible elasticity. The yarn is stronger and highly durable in comparison to conventional yarns. It is used in versatile applications.
Eva Personal Care Product
The Eva personal care products are popular due to the high popularity of the brands name. The care product is chosen or preferred for its high quality and pure, natural ingredients used.
Tamarind Gum Powder
Tamarind gum powder is extracted from the pure and fresh tamarinds. The gum powder is used for versatile applications in the paper, textile as well as the culinary sector.